Measuring Tensile Strength of Braided Fishing Line

Have you ever wondered how manufacturers test the breaking strength of braided fishing line. FINS Braidman, Dave Burch, shows us the machine he uses to check how strong FINS braid really is. If you look on the FINS packaging, it shows the average breaking strength of the line, and it's usually much higher than the line is rated. 15 pound FINS 40G braid breaks at 30 pounds but when you tie a knot, Braidman brings that number down to 26 pounds due to human error and knots. I often wonder how some people can still fish with mono-filament when braid has no stretch and the strength of double the tensile weight. Do yourself a favor, if you still throw mono, give FINS 40G or Windtamer a try. It throws and feels the most like mono and making the switch will be that much easier for your fishing.