The greatest fishing show on television and the best new fishing line on the market have combined efforts to bring you the most rod bendin’, drag screamin’ action ever. Addictive Fishing has announced the signing of FINS premium superlines for another season.

It was ten years ago that Addictive Fishing learned about FINS at ICAST. The planets did not align for the two companies to partner back then but their paths have crossed once again.

For eight seasons, the host of the highly rated fishing show, Addictive Fishing, Capt. Blair Wiggins was known for using just one braided line. Capt. Blair made the switch from using a single line after being re-introduced to FINS and their menu of line choices.

Recently, FINS has expanded the menu even more with the addition of the new FINS Extra Smooth.  FINS XS Braid uses more strands of Spectra in the braiding process to create a much rounder, smoother line. FINS XS is the longest casting braid on the market.

"I was using a single line for every application." Blair explains, "I like FINS because they have four styles of line that are situation specific."

"Using one line is like going to the golf course with only one club in your bag", says Dave Burch, General Manager of BBS Tech, Inc.

The product may sound new but the people behind FINS were pioneers in the superline phenomenon. Dave and Lee Burch became sought after by top industry leaders when they started producing superline in the mid 90’s. They have made a number of other products for different companies that have been used by many anglers. Dave and Lee became the absolute authorities in Spectra fiber strands that have become an essential piece of equipment in every pro angler’s arsenal. The Burch brothers created their own brand and FINS began to sell in markets around the globe. Dave & Lee Burch of BBS Tech, Inc. are now focused on making a splash back home in the United States.

Visit FINS website for more information about FINS full line of situational braids. Be sure to check back often because FINS is getting ready to launch their brand new web site in just a few weeks.